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Host your own server!
Started by BELPHEGOR



19 May 2022
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19 Jul 2023

Did you ever want to host your own minecraft server like ForgotSMP?

We're gonna share you a secret host that we use, Floofy Hosting... Well not so secret actually. Floofy Hosting is the best hosting service I have personally used. Now you're probably wondering if my personal opinion even matters? Well, I'll leave you for that to decide, but to put into perspective I have been with various hosting companies already. You want to guess? 1... 2... nope, I have been with 4 hosts already excluding Floofy Hosting, but I have stayed with Floofy Hosting for the longest. 

But why Floofyhosting?

In all the hosting companies I've been with, it's only in Floofy Hosting, that actually delivered! They offer various plans from Budget/Basic to Extreme/Premium plans, but this is not only limited to Minecraft hosting, there are also plans for VPS, Discord bots, and more... You see many other host providers offer the budget plan but you actually end up with getting a server that can barely function. With Floofy Hosting, even when you're on the basic plan, you are actually given with a great product for the lowest price in the market. You literally get the best deal, I'm telling you. 

Aside from all that, what else does it offer?

Even with very competitive prices they still offer great services and it is also reflected through their ticket system. You will be met with great patience and hasty replies with any of your inquiries. You have a problem? Just create a ticket, and you will be working with the proper people. Floofy Hosting is continuously trying to improve their services and is very transparent with their progress. The people in Floofy Hosting aren't just some big CEOs that only want you for your money, they want to give you the best experience through their hosting and listens to your concerns. They aren't detached from their community and there are nice community contributors that could help you too!

Have I peaked your interest?

I would be very happy if I did. Ever since I was young, I've always wanted a server of my own, I started playing on 1.7 and the old server I used to play with greatly improved my childhood. Until now, I still yearn for those fun times I used to have on that server. I want to be able to do that for many others too and I want you to be also be able to do that without sacrificing much of your money and time! If you would like to order a service, I would appreciate it a lot if you used my affiliate link.
Thank you for your time!

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