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Can I be a staff?
Started by BELPHEGOR



19 May 2022
Last Seen
19 Jul 2023

We are always open to the possibility of hiring anyone as a staff! However, we do have requirements.

Pease ensure you have met the staff requirements:

- Prior staff experience (w/proof)
- 7+ days in discord
- 10+ hours server playtime
- Age 13+
- Active community member

These are just the requirement but we will also judge you based on how you play or interact in the server. If you are the type of person who occasionally break rules or fight with other players in a toxic manner, or a person who constantly begs for ranks, a person who has no regards of the server etiquette then we won't accept you. If we believe you are fit for the rank, regardless of requirements, we can make exception based on personal interaction and observation!

Only apply if you have the passion and dedication to be a staff in ForgotSMP, because otherwise, what is the point of you as a staff if you do not have the motivation to help cultivate our growing community.

Good luck!

BELPHEGOR · 12 months ago · Last edited: 11 months ago