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Can I be a staff?
about 1 year ago

We are always open to the possibility of hiring anyone as a staff! However, we do have requirements.

Pease ensure you have met the staff requirements:

- Prior staff experience (w/proof)
- 7+ days in discord
- 10+ hours server playtime
- Age 13+
- Active community member

These are just the requirement but we will also judge you based on how you play or interact in the server. If you are the type of person who occasionally break rules or fight with other players in a toxic manner, or a person who constantly begs for ranks, a person who has no regards of the server etiquette then we won't accept you. If we believe you are fit for the rank, rega...

Host your own server!
about 1 year ago

Did you ever want to host your own minecraft server like ForgotSMP?

We're gonna share you a secret host that we use, Floofy Hosting... Well not so secret actually. Floofy Hosting is the best hosting service I have personally used. Now you're probably wondering if my personal opinion even matters? Well, I'll leave you for that to decide, but to put into perspective I have been with various hosting companies already. You want to guess? 1... 2... nope, I have been with 4 hosts already excluding Floofy Hosting, but I have stayed with Floofy Hosting for the longest. 

But why Floofyhosting?

In all the...

Social Medias
about 1 year ago

Follow us on our social media accounts!

Twitter: @ForgedRealmsCo
The Rest: @ForgeRealms

Leave a comment, like a tweet, report a video!

Patron Commands Master List:
about 1 year ago

Silver Patron


You can set 2 homes


Change your display name with something playful and colorful

What are Forged Coins?
about 1 year ago

Forged Coins

Forged Coin is a valuable custom currency exclusive to our server. To put it simply, it is a currency like Robux or Steam wallet. With this addition to the server, it is now much easier to create discounts, reward players, and more control over our items.

Where to acquire?

You can buy them via our store, earn then through crates and events, or becoming a top voter of the month!
You can get more forged coins through our webstore!

How to use?

You ...

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